Unlock the magic of your unconscious mind!
Hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP in North West London. Stress relief, confidence, anxiety, fears, habits. Past life regression too!

Magic of the Mind


About Me

For many years I considered myself a “lapsed psychologist”.

In my mid-teens I regularly read articles on popular psychology – what would now be called “self-improvement” – and also developed an interest in psychical research. The common factor was the potential of the human mind – what “makes us tick”.

I decided to become a psychologist, and enrolled for a psychology degree at Reading University in 1970. The course had a strong experimental bias, and was far from the practical subject that I had had in mind. In fact, the course succeeded in putting me off psychology as a career, and I was talked into becoming an accountant! I discovered within a few weeks that I hated auditing, and as soon as I qualified I specialised in taxation.

With the increasing complexity of the UK tax system, due to messing about by successive governments, I eventually began to loathe my work as a tax adviser. In 2001 I was able to consider a change of profession and a return to applied psychology.

I started with an NLP Practitioner course, followed by a full practitioner’s diploma course in clinical hypnosis. More recently, I became interested in meridian energy therapies (MET), particularly Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), a versatile tool now used by many hypnotherapists, and qualified as an MET Practitioner. I am now an Advanced MET Practitioner and a Practitioner in another MET, EmoTrance. I also have diplomas in stress management training and organisational stress management, and I’m an NLP Master Practitioner and a certified past life regression specialist.

I now consider myself to be a “lapsed accountant”!

I’m also a keen amateur magician, and an Associate of The Inner Magic Circle, though I spend far more time reading and writing about magic than performing it! I have written for several magic magazines and contributed to several books on magic. I am also a proof-reader for The Magic Circle’s monthly magazine. Although I have a weakness for close-up magic, my main interest is in psychic and mental effects


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