About Me

I have retired twice – first as a tax adviser, then as a hypnotherapist.

I’m a keen amateur magician, and an Associate of The Inner Magic Circle, although I spend far more time reading and writing about magic than performing it. I have written for magic magazines and contributed to several books on magic. I’m a proofreader for The Magic Circular, The Magic Circle’s magazine, and have also proofread a number of books, mainly on magic and hypnosis. I received The Magic Circle’s Cecil Lyle Award 2017 for an article contributed to The Circular.

Although I have a weakness for close-up magic, my main interest is in psychic and mental effects.

I continue to have a strong interest in all things paranormal, and have rejoined the Society for Psychical Research, of which I was a member while at university. My undergraduate thesis was on telepathy.

I’m also an active Freemason.