Pendulum Programming 3 – Re-programming your Unconscious Mind

Back in 2011, I filmed two videoblogs on uses for the pendulum. I fully intended to record a third, but I decided that the subject matter would be too difficult to explain that way. So here it is, at last, as a written blog! Please watch the two videos and try those exercises first.

After you receive feedback about an issue from your pendulum, you may want to change some of your unconscious programming. You can do this by combining the power of the pendulum with suggestions and affirmations. It’s best to implant these in steps that you can readily accept; you don’t have to force yourself to make a giant mental leap.

Let’s assume you’re working with affirmations. Start with a phrase that states the reality as it is now. After agreement is signalled with your pendulum by a yes or positive response, take the phrasing of the affirmation to the next deeper level – nearer to your goal. Once you get agreement from your unconscious mind (‘UCM’) on this second statement, you progress to the next closer statement, and so on.

Carry on with this until you end on a phrase that is your goal, being sure you get confirmation at each step along the way. Remember that your progress should be in small steps forward rather than one gigantic leap of acceptance.

Keep repeating each affirmation out loud if possible, or silently in your mind so no one else can hear, while holding the pendulum. Wait for the pendulum to move in your yes movement, as you continue to repeat the affirmation.

Once the affirmation gets a strong positive swing for a while, thank your UCM and really mean it! Keep saying, “Thank you” with emotion until the pendulum comes to a stop or circles around in joy, waiting for another affirmation.

Once the pendulum has indicated that your UCM appreciates your thanks, by circling joyfully or stopping its movement, you can continue to the next step of your affirmation. It’s a good idea to pause before continuing to the next stage once your thanks is acknowledged. Close your eyes if possible and sit still for a moment. Feel your thanks for this affirmation being accepted by your UCM. Be honestly grateful for this acceptance; it means your UCM is now helping you to reach your dreams. After a moment to pause and reflect on this, continue to the next level.

You may choose to take an hour or a day in between each step, or you can continue all in one sitting to progress through all the steps toward your goal affirmation, as long as you do not feel you are uneasy doing so. Trust your feelings about moving forward.

An example may help. Perhaps you’re looking for a solution and feel stuck. You choose to break the large affirmation of “I have new solutions” into easily digested and assimilated pieces.

Start with “I need a solution to …”, then move on to:
“It’s possible that there is some sort of solution.”
“I might discover the solutions I need.”
“Solutions could come to me in unexpected ways.”
“I can have solutions.”
“Solutions are coming to me now.”
“I have new solutions now, whether I know them consciously or not yet.”
“I have new solutions!”