Monthly Archives: February 2013

Doing It In Public

According to The Sun, which I don’t read, the singer Adele has been having hypnotherapy to “cure her stage fright”. While I would never use the word ‘cure’ in connection with hypnotherapy, as it’s not a medical treatment, it can certainly be very effective in dealing with stage fright and any similar ‘performance anxiety’.

In fact, a lack of confidence in, or even a fear of, public speaking is one of the most common problems that clients bring to me. Although I have dealt with stage fright it’s usually related to speaking in front of a class at college or colleagues at work. This is something that I can generally help with easily, effectively and quickly – often one session is enough. My focus is on teaching clients self-help techniques; obviously it depends on the individual circumstances – there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach for any client – but it’s usually a combination of self-hypnosis, NLP and one of the meridian therapies. You can read more about these on my website and in other blogs.

As it happens, I have a particular interest in all kinds of performance anxiety, as I’m an experienced speaker and performer myself. As well as giving talks on hypnotherapy and related subjects I’ve acted, given after-dinner speeches and performed as an amateur magician (unsurprisingly, I specialised in magic of the mind). So I’m well placed to give clients tips on performing in public as well as helping them develop confidence and deal with their fears.

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