Monthly Archives: June 2012

Enjoy your Summer!

Welcome to the British summer. The sun is shining (well, it is as I’m writing this, anyway), days are long and all’s right with the world – except, perhaps, for a few minor niggles.

How do you feel about wasps, spiders, other insects or creepy-crawlies? Do they make you run screaming from the room or garden?

Are you going on holiday? Are you anxious about flying or travelling in general?

Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT and other techniques can help you deal with all these fears.

Are you due to sit an exam retake in the autumn? Revision and study can be boosted enormously by the help of memory techniques and concentration focusing methods. Also, knowledge of these is in itself a great help towards exam nerves, but rapid relaxation techniques will help too.

Have a look around my website for more details on the ways in which you can be helped to enjoy your summer!