Start Living – Stop Stressing

Ideas based on ISMA UK’s Top Ten Tips for National Stress Awareness Day

Start to put yourself first

You’ll be able to give more help to others if you keep yourself physically healthy.

Start to prioritise tasks

Select and focus on your three most important tasks each morning.

Start to make time to relax and mentally unwind

We all relax in different ways, but relaxation and breathing exercises, self-hypnosis and meditation are all proven techniques to reduce anxiety and boost your immune system. Some of these methods can be applied very rapidly for a short break in the middle of a busy day.

Start to empathise with others

Have you ever been misunderstood? It’s easy for our words and actions to be picked up by others in a way that we don’t intend. Listen to others and be aware of how they are reacting to you.

Start to live life to the full

Bring a little fun into your life and enjoy the good things available to you!

Stop ignoring your needs

Consider what’s expected of you and how much is reasonable. Know when and how to say No. Take short relaxation breaks through the day.

Stop getting distracted

Prioritise “urgent” tasks over “important” ones. Ask friends and colleagues for support if you need it.

Stop allowing others to make you feel inferior

Accept yourself for who you are, now, and work on your self-belief and confidence.

Stop being judgemental

Think flexibly and objectively and be more understanding of others.

Stop avoiding the things you least want to do

Putting things off leads to unnecessary worry. You can promise yourself a reward for getting them done.

Here are three specific tips that I learned many years ago:

– Keep a to-do list and cross off tasks completed.

– The Salami Principle – slice up a large task into small manageable pieces.

– The BANJO Technique – Bang off A Nasty Job today!

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